At The London Salons we understand that each and every one of our clients is different so we’ll work with you to personalise your style to suit your exact needs. If you are looking for a fashionable restyle or just a trim we’ll personalise your style to give you the look you desire. We only have senior stylists on board, who have a wide array of experience. This means our prices remain the same, as you will receive the highest quality.

Cutting & Styling

Update or maintain your look with a help of a professional Senior Stylist. Includes, shampoo, scalp massage and conditioning, cut, blow-dry and styling. Approx 45 minutes.

A quick cut go-over with one or two grades clippers.

Hair Colouring

Maintain and refresh your gentleman’s look with Gent’s Colouring. We bring colour to you guys whether for enhancing your natural summer High Lights or to give you bright pop colours. And when you need to blend those unwanted greys away, we can give to a natural unnoticed colour to take away years from your look.

Homme Cover for men who want to maintain their appearance with a clean finish, for a discreet natural result. It is the first in-salon colour service specifically targeted for men that is enriched with incell technology for strength condition.

Results will gradually fade without a harsh line of demarcation. Cover 5′ is designed to blend grey hair for a natural result, with no obvious signs of colour. Ammonia-free gel, enriched with incell technology strengthens the inner structure of the hair. As the hair grows natural hair & coloured hair blend for a natural subtle result.

Get a sun-kissed look with a full head of foils. Our talented Senior Hair Stylists & Colourists understand how to blend, weave and interconnect different highlight patterns with the base to create a spectacular finished highlight which allows a lot of the base to radiate through. When it comes to highlights, less is more. One key factor with highlights is to make sure they look natural.

Technical Work

The number one treatment in Hair Straightening, Yuko treats and repair your hair while permanently straightening your hair. Work of magic. Most hair types are suitable although Afro-Carribean hair may not be. It is advisable to have a consultation with the stylist performing the straightening beforehand.
The average time between straightening treatments is 4 – 9 months. Hair texture and speed of growth amongst other factors will determine how often you should have your hair straightened.
YUKO straightening usually takes between 2 – 3 hours but very long or dense hair may take longer.
After having YUKO straightening you will be able to ‘wash and go’. Once re-growth occurs you may find it necessary to style the new growth.
During your consultation with our Yuko Specialist and Senior Stylist you will be given an exact price prior to your treatment.
Prices start from £250 for Short Hair.

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is the newest, innovative Japanese anti frizz treatment that will semi permanently smooth away frizz and make hair more manageable and healthy looking.

This technologically advanced formula was created by YUKO, the Pioneers of Thermal hair straightening. Now Yuko presents a new anti-frizz treatment, featuring breakthrough ingredients, to control and improve hair texture.

Combined with a unique blend of natural ingredients from silk, soy and wheat, Anti-Frizz by YUKO will safely smooth away frizz and seal in nutrients for a shiny finish.

Let our team of Senior Stylists suggest a special permanent curly style and look for you.

We are constantly looking to improve and exceed the service we offer to our customers. We are friendly… it’s just the way we are! We want all of our customers to feel welcome and at ease. As a result we communicate better and deliver the best results for each and every one of our clients. Alongside our unisex hairdressing and beauty services we provide a great atmosphere with complimentary hot and chilled beverages including a glass of chilled beer or a glass of white wine – you deserve it!

New service: Hair loss Consultation and Hair Transplant

We are pleased to be affiliated with Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic, Europe’s leading specialists in Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Implantation. This method is the most advanced form of hair restoration available and we recommend them highly to our clients, as we’ve seen their results first hand.

Terms & Conditions:

The London Salon will correct any hair services, including permanent/semi permanent colour service within 48hrs of treatment being carried out and following a complimentary post consultation within 72 hours of the service been provided and authorisation from management.

We will also correct any perms, brazilian blowdrys, yuko and xtenso sevices within 4 days, again following a complimentary post consultation within 72 hours with authorisation from management.

If clients cannot make themselves available for the complimentary post consultation, the salon will be unable to take any responsibility or liability thereafter. If clients exceed the time limits for correction of these services we have the right to ask for payment if a correction is still desired.

For this reason we recommend if going away on holidays to book at least 72 hours before you are scheduled to travel, so you can attend the complimentary post consultation.

Bookings are available on 020 7494 4444 or by using our book now link.

Our prices are exceptionally affordable and do not include a blow dry, please add the finger dry or blow dry price if you do not have a haircut after any of our technical services.

Book a complimentary Consultation now

Our prices are exceptionally affordable and do not include a blow dry, please add the finger dry or blow dry price if you do not have a haircut after any of our technical services.

Important: For any hair colouring services an Allergy Patch Test is required (free). It is the client’s responsibility to book and visit the salon 48 hours before the actual treatment for the free patch test. The patch test involves putting a dab of hair dye behind the ear, leaving it there for two days, and looking for itching, burning, redness, or other reactions. If you experience any of these symptoms you must not continue with the treatment but seek medical advice. You should always tell your stylist before you begin any colour process if you had experienced of any allergies or recently have had a new tattoo done.

If you are one of our existing colour clients and haven’t had a patch test in the last six months please request one, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Allergies can be triggered at any point.

We offer free consultations on all our services.
Quotes for perms and wedding services are available upon request. Please be sure to ask our staff for more details.